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Grrr [01 Aug 2005|01:24am]
[ mood | loved ]

Chetan is so fired.

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omG! [08 Dec 2004|02:25pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

Jesus God, what the fuck! What's the point of living in foggy London anyway if I can't even see shows? I was on the phone with my mother today and she told me that I need to stop seeing so many. It's like, I've only been going to 11 or 12 shows each week. The woman is insane. She thinks that college students should only study and find a nice, Catholic boy to marry and churn out babies. And she keeps talking about grad school like I'm fucking going. What the fuck? Our conversation went something like this:

Mother: You are going to grad school.
Me: I'm not going to grad school.
Mother: You are going to grad school.
Me: I'm not going to grad school.
Mother: You are going to grad school.
Me: I'm not going to grad school.

At least I got the last word in before my fucking cell phone died. Honestly, everything I touch instantly withers up and dies. My computer crashes everytime I even look at it. I had to send Kerry into my room before me to hide the computer to keep it from crashing and destroying my story.

Does anyone know anything about horse breeding in Ethiopia? Like, would male candidates and female candidates be able to talk to each other while waiting in line for their auditions? I need it for my book. That is, if my computer doesn't fucking delete the whole thing.

OH MY GOD, CHETAN, THERE IS GOING TO BE A BROADWAY REFERENCE ON 'REAL TV' TOMORROW! They are going to use the word 'bored', which is a homonym for 'board', which is a common mispelling of 'broad', which is the first part of BROADWAY!!!! AND THERE IS GOING TO BE AN X-FILES REFERENCE ON 'DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES'!!! They are going to use the word 'sex' multiple times, and that has an X in it! You HAVE TO TiVo both for me. If you don't, I'll literally kill myself. I will walk out into the street and get hit by a crazy cab driver. My parents will probably have to pay a fucking fee to have my body brought back to the states. Knowing them, they'll probably cheap out and have me left in grimy gutter. At least I'll be dead in London, which is better than being alive in Boston, really.

My back is killing me. Like, everytime I move, it is as painful as doing work! Will somebody please make it stop! I don't fucking have all day to wait for my back to catch up with me.

I have to go bundle up in the Alchemy Library now to study ancient latin runes for my 170260913697212149563812923645985675021369149046421941689561984629138073216501270836021630286103684610560128560162308718273821603267103621056018650182650816081602183061201560281569748234107286480123650813650608236081656740860832653176028640264036026506186208563016501823606250182360721364863050318723803728250621873408216506501651056 page paper which is due tomorrow.

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From now on, only God hear what I have to say [11 Jul 2004|01:53pm]
[ mood | discontent ]

I know it's been forever since I last updated; deal with it, you know you never update yourselves, so whatever. My mother is fucking insane. She keeps insisting that I date Aleksandros, and while I do like him--we've been friends forever even though we've nothing in common except our hatred for school and shit--I am not about to have sex with him. I'll leave that for Raul (the fucking accent on this computer doesn't work anymore; I live in a shithole), thank you very much. Between Stupidhead, Fuckface, and Ntrash, my life is already over.

dallrath is going straight to hell, and I, for one, am pretty happy about it. That girl stole my Caroline Playbill, one of the ones Tonya signed, the one in colour. Yes, that one. In revenge, I plan on going into her room with a bunch of boys--the ones I played poker with the other night, especially Jonah--and locking them in. Then she'll be grounded for weeks on end for violating the no boys rule, and our mother can make her eat crushed and blended cornflakes through a straw.

Okay, I admit that I am obsessed with death. Well, death, destruction, and Raul, in that order. Throw in a little Metallica and you have me in a nutshell.

Why the fuck are people so arrogant around here? I need to get out of fucking suburbia or my brain will rot, just like everyone else's. At least demetakat and I can pretend to be an old married couple in London and not have to worry about all the shitheads in Lexington.

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Fortune favours the brave [09 May 2004|09:22am]
[ mood | irate ]

I don't know why my life is hell. I've a final tomorrow. I am not going to study for it. Will I fail it? Probably. Do I give a flying fuck? Not particularly. I told my mom this, and she responded that she would no longer buy me clothes from the Gap if I were to fail. As if she buys me clothes now; whatever. She also called me a bitch, but I called her one back, so at least we're even there.

I've been thinking about it, and I've decided that of all the colours in the world, black is the best. It represents everything morbid and frightening about the world--like Raúl trying on eyeliner without me--and I can't handle it. I'm thinking of dying my clothes black, but then I remembered that most of them are that way anyway. Yes, I am goth; deal with it.

I just might shoot Danny right now. The boy does not know about life. He thinks TV is the answer to everything, the loser. What in the fuck is wrong with him? He needs to buy me Oreos right damn now.

Dammit, why is my computer fucking me over yet again? Work with me, people. Guys, come on. Why is my life so difficult? Jesus. I need Raúl to come over right damned now. That boy is probably staring at himself in the mirror and trying on more eyeliner.

I have 98175380197508315789301750 papers to write now. I hope this building lights on fire or something; it would be fun to watch the Brandeis police deal with that instead of writing about fucking Greek.

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Hate the way you look at me [23 Apr 2004|02:01pm]
[ mood | predatory ]

Well, that's done. It had to be done. I mean, someone had to do it.

I just shot my sister.

I don't feel particularly guilty about it, either. My parents will be somewhat shocked when they get home, but whatever, I had had enough of her ranting and everyone's screaming about her getting into a great school and her wonderful life and her STEALING MY CDs (let this be a warning to you, dallrath) and her obsession with Sweeney Todd and her bashing of Elaine and Raúl.

I think I'll take a walk today. That should cool me off. Fuck, I think I'll drink some Coke, too. I hate Coke--it does terrible things to your teeth, really--but it's all we fucking have to drink in this fucking house. What the fuck is wrong with my parents. It's not like they care about me enough to buy me some FUCKING ORANGE JUICE. No, they have to buy Coke. Why? Because Danny drinks that. He doesn't care if his teeth rot to hell.

I cannot wait for Starlight. Really, Andrew, did you have to write a two-hour bad '80s music video? Yes, you did.

Look, people, I've had enough of your bullshit. I've a migraine, and I'm not about to devour anymore chocolate today (shut the fuck up, Euan eats it, so I can, too). I am so sick of all your fucking crap. Just go fuck yourself.

Today's beautiful. I love rain and bad weather.

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A song played on a solo saxophone [13 Apr 2004|01:27pm]
[ mood | enraged ]

I can't handle my life. Today, my mother--who needs to go to an asylum one of these days--bitched me out for not cleaning my room. Excuse me? It's her fucking fault that the room isn't clean. Every time I come home, there's crap in the centre of the room, and my stuffed tiger, which makes me horny (shut up, it has the same affect on you), is completely out of place. Honestly, people. I don't ask very much from you. Just leave my fucking stuff alone.

Meghan is really pissing me off, too. Yes, we know you fucking got into MIT; shut the fuck up about it already. dallrath won't get into MIT, and that will be the end of her life. Jesus. Why does my family have to be so fucked up? Fuck them. I'll just retreet to the Brandize Hillel. (I know I speled Hillel wrong; stop laughing at me because I'm a goy.)


I need Elaine to visit me more often. She looks enough like my aunt that she could probably just take up residence in my household. Hell, she could sleep in my room with all the other shit in there. I'm sure my parents wouldn't notice. Besides, I want to make her sing "Commie Newspapers" and "Rainbow High" to me on command. I'm kidnapping Jeffrey, too, and he can sing the entire score of Taboo to me while we're both in drag. Fuck you, you know you want that in your life, too.

Fuck this. I'm pissed off, goddamm it to hell.

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I AM KAT I AM KAT I AM KAT I AM KAT I AM KAT I AM KAT!!! [23 Mar 2004|09:54pm]
lafillefrancais and chetanh are so cool! :

Miss Sunbeam0917: So I'm watching Full House...and it hits me...
Miss Sunbeam0917: that show has to be so fake and to think that people would watch it would make me sick.
LDrCH: It's one of the worst shows to ever be on TV.
LDrCH: I adore it.
Miss Sunbeam0917: I mean, the two twin boys were like...five...and they call each other "buddy" and kiss each other.
Miss Sunbeam0917: That's a Jerry Springer show right there.
Miss Sunbeam0917: I Did My Twin
Miss Sunbeam0917: god
Miss Sunbeam0917: and Michelle makes me want to shoot myself
Miss Sunbeam0917: she needs to stop talking right damn now
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Oreos [21 Mar 2004|07:13pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

I hate the fact that my veganism prevents me from eating Oreos. I've always liked Oreos, and really, there are not that many cows left to kill anyway. And they probably use artificial cream anyway. Besides, Raúl eats Oreos ALL THE TIME -- I caught him doing that backstage at Taboo when I was hanging out with Jeffrey and Euan. (Okay, so I never really hung out with them. Shut up.)

Mmmmmmmm, cheese tacos from Usdan just make my day.

People, I really do not understand why life is so complicated. I want very few things; Raúl, Elaine, Andrew Lloyd Webber, and Tim Rice. Is that too much to ask? Whatever.

I'm feeling happy right now. But I'm also feeling sick. It's warm out, so that must have caused it. My twin sis, lafillefrancais, gave me some kind of flu shot when I met her in Boyertown. It hasn't paid off completely, but at least it's getting me through Greek tonight.

Oh Jesus, I need to hear some Raúl right now. I know I'm listening to him as I type this, but I need to hear MORE of him. Then I'll switch to Elaine. Shut up.

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[14 Mar 2004|07:16pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

Oh my God! lafillefrancais and I are soooo coool!

Miss Sunbeam0917 : We are too kool for skool, Kat.
Luna Camilla : yes we are!
Luna Camilla : me too!
Miss Sunbeam0917 : I love me!
Luna Camilla : me too!
Miss Sunbeam0917 : Still not more than Raul, eh?
Luna Camilla : No, Raul will always be number #1.
Miss Sunbeam0917 : :'(
Luna Camilla : I'm sorry, that's just how it has to be.
Miss Sunbeam0917 : I understand.


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[13 Mar 2004|09:11pm]
So I'm home this weekend for a few reasons. One of those reasons is that my room is a disaster. Jesus! At least I can see the floor at home... no thanks to my stupid family. None of them ever does any of the basic things, like cleaning the house.

I watched part of the Sweeny Todd DVD I had ordered on Sunday night. I've seen all of it except for the part where Raul makes his surprise appearance. I thought he wasn't in this production, but HE WAS AMAZING.


Speaking of people I love, lafillefrancais and devnullpenguin are the coolest people you've ever met. Friend them right now.

(03:18) LunaCamilla: I LOVE YOU
(03:18) Miss Sunbeam0917: as much as you love Raul?
(03:19) LunaCamilla: I'm sorry, but Raul will always be number one for me.
(03:18) Miss Sunbeam0917: :*( I'm leaving you.
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