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I hate the fact that my veganism prevents me from eating Oreos. I've always liked Oreos, and really, there are not that many cows left to kill anyway. And they probably use artificial cream anyway. Besides, Raúl eats Oreos ALL THE TIME -- I caught him doing that backstage at Taboo when I was hanging out with Jeffrey and Euan. (Okay, so I never really hung out with them. Shut up.)

Mmmmmmmm, cheese tacos from Usdan just make my day.

People, I really do not understand why life is so complicated. I want very few things; Raúl, Elaine, Andrew Lloyd Webber, and Tim Rice. Is that too much to ask? Whatever.

I'm feeling happy right now. But I'm also feeling sick. It's warm out, so that must have caused it. My twin sis, lafillefrancais, gave me some kind of flu shot when I met her in Boyertown. It hasn't paid off completely, but at least it's getting me through Greek tonight.

Oh Jesus, I need to hear some Raúl right now. I know I'm listening to him as I type this, but I need to hear MORE of him. Then I'll switch to Elaine. Shut up.
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