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Jesus God, what the fuck! What's the point of living in foggy London anyway if I can't even see shows? I was on the phone with my mother today and she told me that I need to stop seeing so many. It's like, I've only been going to 11 or 12 shows each week. The woman is insane. She thinks that college students should only study and find a nice, Catholic boy to marry and churn out babies. And she keeps talking about grad school like I'm fucking going. What the fuck? Our conversation went something like this:

Mother: You are going to grad school.
Me: I'm not going to grad school.
Mother: You are going to grad school.
Me: I'm not going to grad school.
Mother: You are going to grad school.
Me: I'm not going to grad school.

At least I got the last word in before my fucking cell phone died. Honestly, everything I touch instantly withers up and dies. My computer crashes everytime I even look at it. I had to send Kerry into my room before me to hide the computer to keep it from crashing and destroying my story.

Does anyone know anything about horse breeding in Ethiopia? Like, would male candidates and female candidates be able to talk to each other while waiting in line for their auditions? I need it for my book. That is, if my computer doesn't fucking delete the whole thing.

OH MY GOD, CHETAN, THERE IS GOING TO BE A BROADWAY REFERENCE ON 'REAL TV' TOMORROW! They are going to use the word 'bored', which is a homonym for 'board', which is a common mispelling of 'broad', which is the first part of BROADWAY!!!! AND THERE IS GOING TO BE AN X-FILES REFERENCE ON 'DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES'!!! They are going to use the word 'sex' multiple times, and that has an X in it! You HAVE TO TiVo both for me. If you don't, I'll literally kill myself. I will walk out into the street and get hit by a crazy cab driver. My parents will probably have to pay a fucking fee to have my body brought back to the states. Knowing them, they'll probably cheap out and have me left in grimy gutter. At least I'll be dead in London, which is better than being alive in Boston, really.

My back is killing me. Like, everytime I move, it is as painful as doing work! Will somebody please make it stop! I don't fucking have all day to wait for my back to catch up with me.

I have to go bundle up in the Alchemy Library now to study ancient latin runes for my 170260913697212149563812923645985675021369149046421941689561984629138073216501270836021630286103684610560128560162308718273821603267103621056018650182650816081602183061201560281569748234107286480123650813650608236081656740860832653176028640264036026506186208563016501823606250182360721364863050318723803728250621873408216506501651056 page paper which is due tomorrow.
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